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As if the benefits of converting your home to becoming more energy efficient weren’t already enough, the Green Ontario Fund has added another major incentive for making the switch - government rebates on windows. North Bay homeowners looking to take advantage of these new Ontario government rebates will get up to $500 for every high-performance window up to a maximum of $5,000.

Here’s how the government rebate on energy-efficient windows works:

  • Purchase and install your new windows through Northwood, an official certified contractor with the Green Ontario Fund
  • Northwood will submit the rebate application on your behalf
  • Once the installation has been verified and proof of purchase has been received, a rebate cheque will be sent to you within 8-12 weeks

High-performance windows are the most energy-efficient option for your home, reducing the amount of energy lost in your home. High-performance windows reduce noise and condensation, while increasing the resale value of your home - making them a worthwhile investment that will save money on utilities and lessen your carbon footprint.

In order to qualify for the government rebate on windows, products must:

  • Be featured on ENERGY STAR’s Most Efficient 2017 list of high-performance products
  • Have a U-Factor at or below 1.4 W/m2 or 0.25 BTU/h ft2 °F.
  • Be certified Zone 3
The friendly staff at Northwood will make sure you are getting windows that qualify for the rebate.

All Ontario residents who live in detached homes, townhouses, or semi-detached homes can qualify for the energy-efficient window rebates through GreenON. Renters looking to take advantage of the new offer must have written permission from their landlords. High-performance windows a great way to increase the resale value of your home, reduce heating and cooling utility bills, and to reduce your overall carbon footprint.
Having your new energy-efficient windows installed by a professional is the only way to ensure proper installation that eliminate the risk of drafts, leaks, and noise that can result in damages to your home and enjoyment. It’s important to choose a GreenON certified contractor when making the move to high-performance windows.

Northwood Windows is North Bay’s official provider of energy-efficient high performance windows, and an official certified contractor with the Green Ontario Fund. Your windows must be purchased through an official certified contractor to qualify. Northwood Window & Door Centre is dedicated to helping you save money and make your home more energy-friendly through high-performance windows. Our experienced team is fully qualified and trained to work with all energy-efficient high-performance windows. Let Northwood help you make the switch today in order to qualify for GreenON’s government rebate on high-performance windows.

To find out how you can qualify for the GreenON government window rebates, or for more information on how energy-efficient windows can improve your home, contact us today!