How it's done

A step-by-step guide to a well executed installation, from start to finish.

Other Services Include:


Proper preparation and setup.

Install   Drop Sheets

Your installer will lay down drop sheets and prepare the site for installation. Next, they measure the existing window or door and make sure the new one will fit.

Out with the old, in with the new

Installation Step 2

We then carefully remove your existing product and clean up the opening. We then set the new window or door in the opening and shim, square and plum the product.

Insulation and exterior finishing

Step Three Installation

After ensuring the product is functioning properly, we insulate the opening. We spray foam the exterior, stuff the middle with fiberglass insulation and sprayfoam the interior of the opening. Then we flash and caulk the exterior to keep the weather out!

Interior finishing and clean up.

Install Step 4

Finally the installers will trim the foam and install new casing. Next, we fill all nail holes and cracks with filler and latex any openings if needed. Finally we clean up the site, remove the drop sheets and demonstrate how to work your new windows and doors.