While vinyl windows last for a number of years and are well-designed and structurally sound, the painted colour on the vinyl can start to yellow and fade over time and with exposure to extreme weather.

In response to this, manufacturers have designed lines of windows that are meant to stand the test of time. Extruded aluminum windows are better suited to the extremes of weather that we see in North Bay, such as a home situated directly on the shore of Lake Nipissing or Trout Lake. Homes in these areas will see higher winds and more moisture than a home in a standard setting, and architects and contractors can make up for this by specifying these higher-end windows in renovations and new builds.

Northwood carries two lines of extruded aluminum windows from Andersen and KP Building Products.


Andersen E-Series

The Andersen E-Series/Eagle line of windows comes in a full range of colours and finishes. For the exterior aluminum of the window, you can choose any colour you want from red to a metallic finish. For the interior, you have a wide selection of type of wood and finish, including mahogany and walnut.

Made-to-order in any design or colour

Each set of Andersen E-Series windows is made-to-order and shipped within an industry leading lead-time, ensuring that contractors aren’t waiting for materials to complete a job. All of the window shapes on our Windows page are available, in addition to custom designs.

All of the exterior aluminum colours on this page are available at no extra charge, with custom colours being available for a surcharge. Window interiors are available at pine or fir for no extra charge, and other types of wood are available at different costs. Types of wood, colours and finishes can be seen in our showroom.

Superior Construction and Materials

The extruded aluminum used in the exterior construction of these windows is strong and stands up to bad weather, impact and more. The aluminum finish is baked on, ensuring that your choice of colour won’t fade for years to come.

The interior wood for the windows is dipped in your preferred finish prior to assembly, ensuring a clean look in the interior of your home.

Transferable Warranty

The warranty is transferable to a new property owner, and covers components and finishes for between 5-10 years, depending on selected materials and finishes.


Andersen offers a full range of tools for builders, contractors and architects with design specifications on all of its windows. Visit their website for more. We are always happy to see you in our showroom if you have any questions for us too.

GreenView Windows

GreenView windows feature durable aluminum on the outside, with a more typical vinyl interior on the window. If you want the durability of aluminum on the outside but don’t particularly like the look of wood on the inside of your windows, or you want a highly energy efficient window with an aluminum exterior, choose GreenView.


The Ultimate in Energy Efficiency

If you are looking for windows that will help you cut down your heating bills, look to GreenView. Its Evolv™ glass technology captures passive solar energy from the sun in the winter, while helping to retain the heat inside your homes, making these windows ideal for North Bay and area homes.

Transferable Warranty

GreenView offers a full lifetime warranty on accidental glass breakage, all hardware, seal failure and vinyl sash components. In addition, this warranty is transferable to a new property owner. Read more about the warranty on its website.


Full installation guides, specifications and more are available from Greenview.