Don’t want to replace it? Let us fix it!

Sometimes all you need is repair and upgrades to your current windows and doors. New glass, hardware and weatherstripping will all improve your windows at a fraction of the cost.

Other Services Include:


Seal failure

Repair 1

When your window is still good but you have moisture between the glass, we can help. Northwood will change out the defective glass with a brand new sealed glass unit. This will regain your glass insulation value and be a lot easier to see through.

Drafty Doors

Repair 2

We can adjust your entrance and garden doors to get rid of the draft. This includes new sweeps, weatherstrips and minor adjustments to get your door sealing its best.

Broken Casement window hardware

Repair 3

Does your casement window not operate properly? Changing out the casement hardware will remedy this common problem.
Northwood can install brand new roto casement hardware quickly and efficiently.

Patio Door wheels and screens

Repair 4

Is your patio door hard to operate? We can install new wheels to get your door working like new. We also rescreen your sliding door screens to keep the bugs out!