5 Signs You Need New Windows

by | Sep 30, 2019 | Windows

Replacing windows can be expensive, and because of this homeowners want to know when it is time to replace and when it is time to repair a window. Luckily, for most minor items (even drafts in some cases) a repair will do. Here are the scenarios in which you are most likely to require replacement windows.

1) You are noticing drafts

If you can feel a draft from a window or a door, it may be time for a new one or it may just require a repair. Have us in for an honest estimate about which it will have to be.

2) Your windows are fogging up from the inside

If the fog is impossible to clean off, usually this means a replacement on double-paned windows as it means the seal has broken. Check and see if this is covered under warranty on your windows, as some manufacturers will cover this. If you bought your windows from Northwood, contact us and we’ll answer that question for you.

3) Your windows are 15-20 years old

If your windows haven’t been manufactured in the last decade, you’re missing out on new energy efficiency technology that could improve your home energy efficiency by leaps and bounds. One of the best ways to save on heating costs is to stop heating the outside – and you’ll do that with new windows.

4) Vinyl on frames is discoloured or cracking

Cheaper vinyl can crack or develop permanent discolouration over time. Again, check your warranty on your windows or have us in for an estimate for repair or replacement. If your windows need replacing, we’ll make sure that you get a higher quality window that doesn’t do this.

5) Windows no longer open

If windows have been painted over, the foundation has shifted in the house, or other factors, you may not be able to open and close your windows. Usually this will mean that you are also dealing with older windows that aren’t as high-efficiency as current windows as mentioned above, so replacing them will mean you have functional windows that save you money on heating costs.

If you aren’t entirely sure, Northwood will send an experienced window technician to your home that will give you an expert opinion on if you need a replacement or not – and we’ll always suggest the cheaper option if a repair is all that is required. If you need new windows, we’ll be able to suggest and give you an estimate for brands that can survive the extremes of the North Bay climate. Call us today to find out more!