Choosing a Quality Product

Ever wonder what’s inside your window or door frame?

Use this tool to hover over key features that you should be looking for when purchasing one of these products for your home.

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Vinyl window

Choosing a vinyl window
Jamb extension

  1  Jamb extension

PVC jamb extension customizes the width of your window to fit your wall. Also available in pine, hardwoods or PVC wrap.


  2  Weatherstrips

Dual bulb seal compression weatherstrip ensures an excellent seal for your windows.


  3  Brickmould

Optional PVC brickmould finishes the exterior of the window. Available in other profiles and sizes.

Door frame

Choosing a door frame

  1  Brickmould

Exterior door brickmould is extruded vinyl with a wood core, this keeps it maintenance free and gives you the backing to install a storm door.

Door construction

  2  Door construction

The door frame is sealed to the jamb using screws, silicone, a gasket and staples. This creates a very strong watertight bond to keep your door frame as solid as posible.


  3  Sill

Extruded aluminum over pine door sill. Features a self draining PVC threshold to keep the frost from coming in.

Extruded vinyl clad

  4  Extruded vinyl clad

Extruded aluminum over pine door sill. Features a self draining PVC threshold to keep the frost from coming in.

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Whatever your project scope, we've got you covered

Whether you're retrofitting, embarking on new construction, or addressing repairs, we offer tailored solutions to meet the unique requirements of your project.


First, we meet at your residence and do a no-cost consultation. Next, we find the proper features and style to fit your needs. Finally, proper installation of your new windows and doors.

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New construction

Your new home needs quality windows and doors to keep your family comfortable and safe. Northwood provides both supply and installation services for new construction homes.

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Sometimes all you need is repair and upgrades to your current windows and doors. New glass, hardware and weatherstripping will all improve your windows at a fraction of the cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Depends. Some older windows just need an adjustment, new hardware or weather stripping as they wear out over time. Sometimes, it is not worth it to have a window repaired as it is too far warped/damaged or parts are no longer available.