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  • I have an old window and it is leaky, do I need to replace it or can it be fixed?

    Depends. Some older windows just need an adjustment, new hardware or weather stripping as they wear out over time. Sometimes, it is not worth it to have a window repaired as it is too far warped/damaged or parts are no longer available.

  • There is moisture or fog between my two panes of glass, sometimes it disappears.

    That is called a seal failure, which is when the dry air or argon in between your two panes of glass has escaped due to a tiny hole in the spacer and normal humid air fills the cavity. You will see it more often when there are cooler nights and warmer days (Fall/Spring) as the glass is being warmed and cooled around the 0 degree Celsius mark.

  • There is water beading on the inside of my glass!

    That is condensation. The glass in your window or door is your coldest surface of your house, with an R value of anywhere from 2 to 10; your walls can range from 4 to 28. Condensation occurs when the internal humid air of your home meets the cold surface, creating a beading of moisture. To control humidity, you need to allow air to circulate against the glass (curtains and blinds trap air), and/or reduce the humidity in your house. See Energy Star’s website for an article on humidity and how to control it.

  • What if I have an issue with my windows or doors, even if it’s been a few years?

    Our labour warranty covers the installation of your product and the manufacturer will have a warranty covering the components and quality of their product. We have a full-time service department that will happily respond to any of your concerns, even if they seem trivial to you. It is better to deal with an apparent issue ahead of time than letting it fester and become worse.

  • What should I expect when it comes time for the installation of my new windows/doors?

    Our installers typically arrive around 9am. There will be an installer and their assistant. You will need to have removed any window coverings and furniture around the product being installed, as well as anything that might fall off the wall or shelves due to vibrations from removing your old window or door. The installation crew will have drop sheets and will take care to not damage anything in your home. They will completely install your new product, show you how to operate your new window/door, clean up after themselves and leave your copy of your invoice with you.

  • What is the difference between Northwood and their competition?

    We are professional and service-oriented. We have our own dedicated installers who take pride in their quality of work and are not satisfied until the window and/or door are working perfectly. We offer a fair price for a quality product and back it up with a 5-year labour warranty on our installations. We would rather have you as a customer for life than a one-time-only sale.

  • What is the difference between window and door manufacturers? Aren’t they all the same?

    No, each company makes similar products, but like cars or clothes, they can have similar aspects, but the more you pay, the better quality and lifespan you will get.

  • Is the price an all-in price, do I have to order everything at once?

    No, we price everything individually and you can order as many as you would like at a time. It is common for a customer to order a few windows a year as their budget allows.

  • Does it cost anything for a quote?

    No, quotes are free of charge.

  • What is involved in having a quote done?

    We will come to your house and meet you on-site, we need to measure the inside and outside dimensions of your windows and/or doors. We’ll go through your options for replacement products and give you a quote on site. It will take anywhere from 15 minutes to hours, depending on how many windows and/or doors you want us to price.