Shut the Front Door – What to Look For in Your New Entry Door

by | Sep 30, 2019 | Doors

Nothing spruces up the outside of your home like a new front door. But you’ll want to choose a door that can stand up to the weather conditions in North Bay, particularly winters. Security, appearance, durability and amount of maintenance are all considerations when looking for a new entry door.

What material should my new door be made from?

The main consideration for your door is the material that is made from. While most will look at the appearance of the door, you should also consider if you are willing to do maintenance on the door and keep your budget in mind.

1. Steel Doors

These doors are the most popular on the market, and tend to be the cheapest. They have high energy-efficiency and are resistant to extreme weather. However, dents are difficult to fix and scratches can lead to rusting.

2. Fibreglass Doors

Fibreglass doors can be finished to look like wood doors, and are better than steel doors in terms of their resistance to wear and tear. A fibreglass door is your lowest maintenance option out of all three materials, but is more expensive than a steel door – and in some cases some wood doors.

3. Wood Doors

We carry high-quality doors from Andersen that come with finishes that can take whatever North Bay weather can throw at them, and look amazing in the process. As far as energy efficiency goes, any door we install will be an improvement over an old, drafty door. Wood doors tend to stand up to wear and tear, and any dents are easy to repair. On the downside, they are more expensive than steel or fibreglass doors, and may require occasional painting or refinishing.

All materials are equal for security

If break-ins are a concern for you, there is little difference in terms of the materials that the door is made of; instead, you’ll want to invest in a good-quality lock. However, keep in mind that 22% of break-ins in Canada happen through sliding patio doors, so you may want to make sure your patio doors are up to date too. One of our suppliers, Standard Doors, has exclusive hardware that offers what it calls the highest level of security in Canada for both entry doors and sliding patio doors.

Should I get glass panels in my new door?

Glass panels in a door really amp up the attractiveness factor, but reduce your privacy and increase the cost of the door. With properly rated glass, they should not reduce a door’s energy-efficiency rating.

I’m on waterfront. Any special considerations for waterfront properties?

Since we’re dealing with fresh water, there are no special considerations for waterfront properties. Typically, the entry door faces away from the body of water that you are on, so any material will do. You may want to avoid a cheap wood door (which we do not carry) since it may not have the kind of finish that a higher-quality door would to reduce the possibility of mildew and rot. High winds such as the kind frequently seen on Lake Nipissing may mean more wear and tear on your doors than normal, so a fibreglass door may be the best choice.

Have Northwood out to advise you on the best door for your property, and we’ll tell you exactly what the best door for your home and budget are.