Sunny Side Up: What to Consider When Choosing Siding for Your Home

by | Sep 30, 2019 | Other

Winter is nearly here, which means that you should be making important home maintenance arrangements in the coming months. When looking to replace siding on your home, there are a number of considerations to take into account, especially when living in an area as unpredictable as North Bay. There’s a lot more to choosing siding than just how it looks, so please consider the following factors when shopping around for new siding this season:


One of the most important features of siding – especially going into the frigid Ontario winter – is the ability of your home to efficiently keep your home warm. Choosing an efficient siding and combining it with effective foam board insulation can lower your energy bills since you won’t need to heat your home quite as much. Siding combined with efficient types of insulation can also benefit you in the summer months, keeping your home cooler and saving you from having to crank the air conditioning.


The winters in Northeastern Ontario can be brutal, and having a siding that can withstand being pelted with snow, sleet, and hail is important. For those living on lakeside properties, it’s important that your siding can survive the powerful winds that will inevitably become present this winter.

Not only will a durable siding be more likely to survive moments of extreme weather, but it’s also guaranteed to hold up better against everyday wear and tear like the powerful sun, rain, and strong winds. Another upside of a durable siding is that it will protect your home from physical damage due to its increased strength and impact resistance. Vinyl and brick siding are most famous for their durability and ability to withstand a beating.


Having siding that isn’t susceptible to the effects of aging is important, otherwise, you’ll have to deal with things like rotting, dents, pest infestations, and chipped or faded paint. Siding that can endure the test of time is important for those looking for a long-term investment, and to avoid the hassle of having to replace their siding regularly. Brick and stone are two of the most enduring sidings, being able to avoid things like rotting and damage from pests.


Beyond being able to withstand extreme weather and save on bills, homeowners also tend to look for a siding that is going to require minimal upkeep and general maintenance. Our lives are busy enough as it is, choosing siding that requires less maintenance can be very important. Vinyl sidings are known to be low maintenance, being very easy to clean periodically and not requiring repainting.


While cost shouldn’t always be the only determining factor when renovating your home, it certainly is an important consideration. Affordability will most often dominate what homeowners choose to use as siding on their homes – it’s important to keep a budget in mind and match available sidings against some of the above considerations. Knowing your budget ahead of time will help narrow down particular styles, making it easier to pick the right siding for your situation.

When shopping for a new exterior siding, it’s important to consider energy efficiency, durability, endurance, the amount of maintenance required, and affordability to make the best choice for your situation. Northeastern Ontario is incredibly varied in its weather patterns, ranging from freezing cold to blistering heat and humidity, it’s important to choose a siding that is going to withstand everything the calendar year has to throw at it.

If you’re looking for help in finding the very best siding for your home this season, contact Northwood Windows and Doors to hear about our selection of quality siding and options for professional installation.