Here are a few reasons you should consider a specialty window shop like Northwood for your next window purchase in North Bay.

1. Measurements done by the experts

Correct measurements are very important, especially when you are ordering custom windows. This is one job you want to trust the experts for, as many small details have to be taken into account when measuring such as surrounding trim and much more.

Northwood will measure your windows when giving you a quote to make sure you’re getting the right windows—and the right price—every time.

2. Quality of materials and suppliers

A shop that specializes in windows forms concrete relationships with their suppliers based on trust, the quality of products they provide, and how they back up warranty claims. If our suppliers fail on any of those counts, it isn’t our customers who suffer – we always make it right. Chain stores want to compete on price, so they may carry products from suppliers that don’t meet our strict quality standards. And while they may offer returns, they won’t necessarily come to your house and fix it for you.

3. Your money stays local

When you purchase from Northwood, you aren’t just supporting a North Bay business. Chain stores carry window products from all over the world, while we are careful to limit our suppliers to ones that are based in Ontario. The only exception that we make to offer premium selection to our customers is Andersen Windows, which manufactures its products in the United States.

4. Full professional installation services

If you have an idea you want to use from a home improvement/design magazine or website, we have the expertise to take that design and duplicate it right in your home.

While we do sell windows to people who like to do their own installations, the majority of our clients choose our full installation services for the best final product. Our work is fully guaranteed and we don’t sign off on a job until the customer is happy. Our contractors also work almost exclusively for us, so their expertise is impeccable and you never have to worry about your job being rushed so they can get on to the next installation. And if there is any trouble with your window or the installation, we fix it and submit to the manufacturer on your behalf for any warranty claims.

5. Save money by doing it right the first time

We’ve had a couple of installations in the past year where we replaced windows that were purchased because they were at a lower price point. You’ll be surprised at how inexpensive our windows are, even when compared with chain store prices. Do it right the first time and save money by not duplicating your purchase and effort.

If you’d like to get a professional quote from our window experts, contact Northwood today.