Our North Bay home deserves the highest quality panoramic view of the amazing landscape that we live in, lending a unique aesthetic to your property while still maintaining your privacy. Centor’s unique line of sliding and integrated doors are the perfect way to add an elegant and practical touch to your North Bay home, looking great without sacrificing Centor’s unparalleled performance. Northwood Window & Door Centre is proud to introduce Centor to our line of trusted manufacturers.

Centor XO sliding doors - a modern take on the classic sliding door style

The XO integrated sliding doors by Centor are designed with sleek, slim frameless symmetrical glass panels that create an elegant and modern look that eliminates bulky, unsightly traditional sliding panels and enhances your connection to the world behind your property. Centor’s sliding doors are designed with an elegant wood interior design and an aluminum exterior that are both aesthetically stunning and durable. Its seamless lift and slide design allows for effortless performance and easy operation for all, and the door’s unique AutoLatch feature allows for quick locking with just a single flick of the hand.

The XO integrated sliding doors have been engineered to hold up to the elements without sacrificing the natural beauty of the products, making them the perfect choice for your North Bay home. All Centor door systems are high performing and have been manufactured with energy efficiency in mind, allowing North Bay homeowners to eliminate common problems like condensation and air leaks that can reduce energy bills and help to keep your home the ideal temperature all year round.

Made with high-performance hardware and materials that are built to last, Centor’s integrated folding doors are the best way to maximize space in your home and get the most out of your surroundings. The integrated system’s panels can be effortlessly folded into each other with just the touch of a fingertip, and optional insect screens and shades are available to protect you from the elements or give you some extra privacy without ruining your beautiful view.

The experts at Northwood are dedicated to working with clients every step of the way, offering fully personalized consultation, seamless installation, and informative guides for all of our high-quality products. For customers seeking an award-winning customer service experience with a focus on what’s right for your home, contact Northwood Window and Door Centre today.