There’s no getting away from the fact that pets can be a bit tough on your home. Chewing on siding, paws up on sills, and all the usual, loveable things that pets do mean that when it’s time to choose materials for your home, you have to keep your furry friends in mind.

If you like the look of a wood-framed window and nothing else will do, make sure it’s pre-finished with a coat of polyurethane. Depending on the window you select, this is either done in manufacturing, or we can do it once it is installed.

Protip: Use ArmorAll on your window jamb, or any other surface where pets may be, to prevent pet hair from sticking to it.

Insulplank increases the R-value of your home, providing extra all-season insulation. The same properties also offer noise reduction in your home. One of its side benefits is that it is a natural woodpecker deterrent - they don’t like pecking on it. So if you have a woodpecker problem, consider Insulplank siding to ward them off.

Our pets are important to all of us, and most of us would rather let the house go to the dogs than reprimand our pets for performing certain actions which can damage our homes. But with a bit of care, we can ensure that our homes won’t take any damage from the four-legged members of our families.