The hot summer season is finally here, bringing with it long days spent outdoors enjoying the weather. When you’re not enjoying yourself outside, you want to be comfortable in your home without having to crank the air conditioner and run up your hydro bill - no matter how hot it may be outside. Luckily for North Bay area homeowners, it’s possible to keep your house cooler this summer by choosing the right windows in your next home improvement project and outfitting your current windows with energy-conserving window treatments.

Keeping your home cool in the summertime is as easy as making the switch to windows that work harder for your home and keep the hot summer sun out of your house. Energy efficient high performance windows will keep your home more comfortable year-round, and save money on utilities. Supplementing these higher performing windows with properly installed window treatments will help you beat the heat this summer, keeping the scorching temperature outside where it belongs. Just remember to leave the curtains open in the winter to prevent condensation issues.

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