Finding transparent and high-quality suppliers for your building projects can be a difficult task. Northwood Window and Door Centre is North Bay’s most reliable source for professional window and door sales and installation on every project, working closely with builders to ensure that needs are met and full client satisfaction is achieved.

Northwood Window and Door Centre offers a local solution to this all-too common problem, working closely with North Bay builders for effective and efficient service. Working with a supplier from a different city can result in your warranty fulfillment being deemed “low priority” because of distance. Unlike those companies, Northwood offers fast and reliable service on North Bay home builder warranties for builders that we work with, ensuring that the issues encountered by homeowners are dealt with promptly and professionally rather than being dismissed or tossed aside by out-of-town suppliers who don’t have your satisfaction in mind.

Choosing to work with a local business like Northwood Window and Door Centre also means that builders and homeowners will be able to take advantage of our reliability and efficiency, which allows Northwood to meet tight deadlines without ever sacrificing quality. For builders and homeowners who require support once the build has been completed, the friendly team at Northwood is always just a call away, being able to meet local needs immediately and ensure your satisfaction.

Contact the team at the Northwood Window and Door Centre to find out how you can partner with us on your next build or renovation.