Triple glazed windows are high-performance insulated windows that are made up of three panes of glass, rather than the traditional one or two panes. The three panes are separated by airtight pockets of inert gas called argon, adding extra insulation, making your windows more energy efficient. The extra insulation also helps to keep warm air in your home during the bitter winter months, and cool air during the hot summer months. Triple glazed windows are highly recommended for North Bay area homes, as they can better withstand our harsh climate and keep the interior of your home comfortable year-round.

For anybody looking to upgrade their home or cottage windows with a more energy efficient option, triple glazed windows are the ideal solution. These windows dampen and eliminate outside noise pollution, reduce condensation on your windows, and eliminate drafts, letting you enjoy the interior of your home and live comfortably throughout the entire year. Nearly all of the window manufacturers we are affiliated with offer triple glazed windows, and the only downside is that they cost a bit more than double glazed windows. The benefits for North Bay and area homeowners far outweigh the extra price, especially when energy efficiency is taken into account.

For more information on the many benefits of triple glazed windows and how they can improve your North Bay area home or cottage, contact Northwood Window & Door Centre today.