Windows offer several functions for your home. They offer ventilation, light, and style to your home. One of the items that enhance their style are grilles. Window Grilles can be offered in several types: internal grilles (in between the sealed unit), sdl's on the glass (simulated divided lites on the outside of the glass only) and tdl's (true divided lites where the grille is on the inside, outside and between the glass).

Internal grilles can come in different colours and patterns. Most common is the colonial pattern (simply a squared pattern). Shown above is the prairie pattern (or border pattern). Please refer to the website for more styles and patterns.

A preferred look is the tdl. True divided lites make your window look like a century old window in a brand new package. Old windows were often built around small pieces of glass joined together by wood to make a large window. With TDL's you get the same look but with the energy efficiency and features we have come to expect. We often see this look in a double hung window with just 2x2 grilles in the top sash, called the "muskoka look"