Windows with frames fabricated from extruded aluminum rather than roll form aluminum or vinyl are more expensive, but there are some applications where you would choose them over a standard, roll form aluminum-framed window.

The differences between the two are explained below, but keep in mind that roll form aluminum is not as flimsy as it is being presented here - it’s been the standard in the industry for years, and may be less durable, but it still works for standard applications.

There are also different kinds of extruded aluminum windows at different price points to suit the needs of homeowners, but the lower cost options are still slightly above the price of an average window. So when should you spend the extra money for extruded aluminum windows?

We recently started to carry two lines of extruded aluminum windows - GreenView Windows and Andersen E-Series. Come into our showroom to see the full range of colours and finishes available, and ask us if extruded aluminum is right for your application. Our window experts will always give you the answer that’s right for you and your budget.