Northwood Windows: The Best Choice for North Bay Builders

by | Oct 1, 2019 | Other

Finding transparent and high-quality suppliers for your building projects can be a difficult task. Northwood Window and Door Centre is North Bay’s most reliable source for professional window and door sales and installation on every project, working closely with builders to ensure that needs are met and full client satisfaction is achieved.

Fast and reliable service on home builder warranties

Often with new building projects, homeowners will experience problems that stem from windows and doors that have not been installed correctly, or poor quality products that don’t stand up to the harsh North Bay elements. This is where home builder warranties come into play, allowing homeowners to have these issues solved in a professional and timely manner. In cases where builders have partnered with suppliers from out of their local area, home builder warranties can become needlessly time-consuming and problematic for homeowners and builders, having their problems being shuffled to the back of the priority list and being given the runaround.

Northwood Window and Door Centre offers a local solution to this all-too common problem, working closely with North Bay builders for effective and efficient service. Working with a supplier from a different city can result in your warranty fulfillment being deemed “low priority” because of distance. Unlike those companies, Northwood offers fast and reliable service on North Bay home builder warranties for builders that we work with, ensuring that the issues encountered by homeowners are dealt with promptly and professionally rather than being dismissed or tossed aside by out-of-town suppliers who don’t have your satisfaction in mind.

An unmatched focus on high quality products and service

Northwood Window and Door Centre is dedicated to providing builders and homeowners with the highest quality products, not the cheapest option available – although we will always work with you to come up with cost-effective solutions. High performance windows will save new homeowners the grief of having to have work done on their new home and instead allow them to enjoy their time at home. Northwood supplies builders and homeowners with high efficiency windows that are much better suited to the harsh and unpredictable winters of northern Ontario, being able to take constant barrages of snow, hail, and high winds, as well as the hot summer sun, pests, and regular rains that come with living in a lakefront city like North Bay.

Choosing to work with a local business like Northwood Window and Door Centre also means that builders and homeowners will be able to take advantage of our reliability and efficiency, which allows Northwood to meet tight deadlines without ever sacrificing quality. For builders and homeowners who require support once the build has been completed, the friendly team at Northwood is always just a call away, being able to meet local needs immediately and ensure your satisfaction.

Transparency throughout the project lifespan

Northwood is dedicated to providing partnered builders and homeowners with fully transparent service throughout the entire lifespan of any build or renovation project. When choosing Northwood Window and Door Centre, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting in terms of pricing, timelines, and who is going to be assisting on the build. Our experienced team is made up of only the most qualified people for the job, finishing projects on time and with the knowledge and skills that will ensure you get the highest quality products and that your window and door units are installed correctly the first time around.

Northwood team a great choice for major renovations

The things that make Northwood a great choice for new construction also make us a great choice for major renovation projects. Often, it will be cheaper to gut a home and refurbish it rather than doing a complete rebuild. We’ve worked often with contractors and builders in the area who manage these projects, and are familiar with the permitting processes in North Bay, Nipissing, Callander, and surrounding communities.

Award-winning service

Our team works closely with builders and homeowners to ensure that all parties are satisfied and that their window and door needs have been met. The Northwood team was recently honoured with a Houzz service award, recognising our superior dedication to customer satisfaction that helps make every one of our window and door projects memorable. The experts at Northwood can even assist homeowners navigate through the process of programs like the Green Ontario Fund, which can save money through reducing energy costs and help reduce the effects of climate change.

Contact the team at the Northwood Window and Door Centre to find out how you can partner with us on your next build or renovation.